• Autopot 6 pot system - 47L Tank

Autopot XL Kits With 47L Tank

The Autopot XL Kits with 47L plastic tank are excellent for the gardener wishing to grow 1-6 large to very large plants in 25L pots. sized plants. Low maintenance and high efficiency for the gardener looking for a plant driven system.

Autopot systems offer the grower an automatic watering system without the need for a pump or electricity! This is due to the unique AQUAvalve which works on the same principle as a toilet cistern ballcock. Basically, as the plant feeds the gravity fed AQUAvalve will automatically top-up the system to a pre-set depth... these systems really are plant driven! 

Any growing medium can be used which offers the grower even more choice of how they wish to grow.

Recommended: Turbo charge your Autopot system with an AirDome kit - see Related Products below.

Autopot tip: If transplanting seedling’s or cuttings into your Autopot system that do not have an established root system; we recommend either waiting until a sufficient root system is present, or top watering (just enough to moisten growing media around seedling or cutting) the Autopot for the first few days.

Kits include:

  • 1-6 x AquaValves
  • 1-6 x 25ltr pots
  • 1-6 x base module
  • 1x 47ltr hard plastic tank
  • 1x 6mm tank filter
  • All 6mm tubing required
  • 1-6 x root control discs
  • Full instructions.

Autopot 6 pot system - 47L Tank

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